Cloud Gaming Company Shadow Demonstrates the Real-World Potential for 5G Wireless at Mobile World Congress

Shadow is the ONLY Live Service Able to Showcase 5G Technology by Playing Today’s Hottest Games on Mobile Devices

Shadow, the technology company redefining what it means to play games, today announced that they are partnering with mobile handset manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona (25-28 of February) to showcase the capabilities of 5G wireless on their upcoming phones. Using Shadow technology on Android, Oppo and OnePlus will provide MWC attendees the ability to play high-end computer games on 5G handsets for the first time ever.

Shadow transforms any Internet-connected device with a screen into a powerful, full-featured and always-upgraded gaming computer, optimized for the true gamer. The platform liberates gamers from expensive hardware and gives them what they truly want and need: access to a powerful top-of-the-line computer that is continually updated with industry-leading specs at a low monthly price.

5G is the next-generation of mobile cellular communications. It promises to deliver higher data speeds, reduced latency, increased stability and lower costs, while offering higher capacity.

“Streaming a high-end game on Shadow is the perfect showcase for the power of 5G wireless technology, and it’s available today in seven countries, so this is not a science fiction concept,” said Shadow co-founder Emmanuel Freund. “We believe that 5G has the potential to open up high-end game streaming on smartphones just like the widespread adoption of 4G drove mobile video streaming.”

Created for a digitally native generation, Shadow transfers the most essential components of a gaming PC into the cloud to create the most powerful gaming platform that is always accessible and updated.


Users can access Shadow on any desktop PC, laptop, Mac, tablet, smartphone or smart TV with the dedicated Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android apps for a monthly subscription of $34.95/29,95€/£26,95. For more information, visit Follow Shadow on Twitter and Facebook.


About Blade:

Blade was founded in France in 2015 to design and develop the future of the PC, with a simple vision: free users from the constraints of physical hardware by giving them access to a powerful, cloud-based computer.

Blade's first product, Shadow, is a high-performance PC based entirely in the cloud. This ground-breaking service provides access to a fully featured high-end Windows 10 computer, via any Internet-enabled device, including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Free from hardware failures in Blade's secure data centers, Shadow puts an end to obsolete devices, thanks to regular, no-cost updates of cutting-edge components.

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About Shadow

Founded in 2015, Shadow, specialists in cloud computing, developed the first high-end computer that will never become obsolete. Their PC in the cloud allows gamers to play in the best conditions on any screen, via the “Shadow” application or the “Shadow Ghost” terminal. Shadow has raised $110 million since its launch, has 200 employees in Paris and San Francisco, and currently a third of its world community is based in the United States.