Shadow: The Computer of the Future Has Become More Powerful, More Accessible and More Welcoming for Console Gamers


Paris – Tuesday, October 29th 2019: Shadow, the first gaming PC “in the cloud” offers more power to its users. Holding true to its promise, Shadow offers the best gaming configurations possible, without having to buy an expensive “gaming PC” which can quickly go obsolete.

With Shadow, it is possible to play all your video games, even the latest releases, from any device (computer, smartphone, television, iPad…). And to better serve the gaming community, Shadow has announced a new subscription offering and servers, which sees the use of ray tracing technology combined with the power of GeForce RTX 2080 and TITAN graphics cards. These alone would cost gamers the price of an entire PC!

To make gaming accessible to as many people as possible, Shadow is now offering three new complementary pre-order offers (for the first 50,000 users):


· Boost – at £12.99 per month (£14.99 without commitment), this highly accessible offer allows subscribers to play all the latest games in Full HD from any device.


· Ultra – at £24.99 per month (£29.99 without commitment), gamers are offered the possibility to play with superior graphic performance(s) in 4K, up to 144 FPS in Full HD with ray tracing compatibility. This offer provides the power of a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, but also the power of a better processor, more RAM and more storage.


· Infinite – at £39.99 per month (£49.99 without commitment), Infinite grants the most demanding gamers, streamers and creators direct access to the “best available” on the market: a dream computer including ray tracing combined with the top graphics card at the moment (RTX Titan), and 1TB of storage. With this dream line-up, users will be able to play all the latest games in 4K.

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These new Shadow offers are available for pre-order as of October 29th on the Shadow website. Users who pre-order throughout November can benefit from the new Shadow beginning in February 2020 and will be activated on a “first come, first serve” basis.


Current Shadow users are also invited to choose the subscription of their choice today and will also be able to benefit from their chosen offer this February.


Shadow combines the power of a PC with the simplicity of a console



A redesigned, clearer, more intuitive interface allows Shadow to adapt any PC game to the living room screen. With this new Shadow app, users will be able to easily access any of the games on their PC, comfortably seated on their sofa. Everything can be controlled with any compatible controller, just like a console!


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This experience will also be extended to smartphones and tablets, thanks to a dedicated application available as of today in beta on both Android and iOS.

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With access to such power, and thanks to its technological capabilities (latency, stability, etc.), Shadow breaks all the limits of gaming and opens new perspectives, PC gaming on TV, on mobile… and tomorrow in VR! No more cumbersome and constraining installations, big PC towers and tangled wires. Shadow also demonstrates a VR headset that directly streams the video stream, completely pushing the very restrictive limits of the headset itself.


We were the first to show that cloud gaming works. Other actors have followed us: it is up to us to show that we remain pioneers, innovative, at the cutting edge of technology and proud to carry the values of a French start-up to the world.

Emmanuel Freund, co-founder of Shadow


To support the launch of these offers, Shadow have raised an additional €30 million, together in partnership with OVHcloud


Shadow is surrounded by an ecosystem of many renowned companies that strongly believe in Shadow and cloud computing. The company continues to work closely with its historical technological partners Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, 2CRSi and Ericsson, and is starting to diversify its distribution in collaboration with Charter (2nd American FAI) and Proximus (1st Belgian FAI).


In order to deploy the necessary infrastructure for these new offers, Shadow has also announced a major partnership with OVHcloud, another Next40 company.


Finally, Shadow announced another €30 million raised by core shareholder Nick Suppipat, and new shareholders such as one of the leading investment funds in France, Serena Capital (through its V13 funds specialised in gaming and entertainment), business personalities grouped around Erik Maris (Laurent Deltour, Christophe Karvelis, Philippe Lazare, Lionel Scotto le Massese, Marc Simoncini, Pierre le Tanneur) and his partner 2CRSi. This new increase in capital, as well as the Charter Communications and Western Digital investments early in the year, bring the total amount of funds raised by Shadow to €100 million since its creation.


 Breaking news! To serve its ambitions, the French cloud computing jewel, which has just raised 30 million euro, welcomes its new CEO: Jérôme Arnaud. With his experience with international companies, Jérôme Arnaud's mission is to pursue the international development of Shadow’s offerings for gamers, with the desire to conquer new targets and develop new uses, both for individuals and on the professional market. 


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About Shadow

Shadow was founded in 2015 by Emmanuel Freund, Stéphane Héliot and Asher Kagan. The French company, specialists in cloud computing, developed the first high-end computer that will never become obsolete. The PC in the cloud, created by Shadow, allows you to play in the best conditions on any screen, via the “Shadow” application or the “Shadow Ghost” terminal. As members of Next40, Shadow has raised 100 million since its launch, has 200 employees in Paris and San Francisco and 70,000 clients.



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About Shadow

Founded in 2015, Shadow, specialists in cloud computing, developed the first high-end computer that will never become obsolete. Their PC in the cloud allows gamers to play in the best conditions on any screen, via the “Shadow” application or the “Shadow Ghost” terminal. Shadow has raised $110 million since its launch, has 200 employees in Paris and San Francisco, and currently a third of its world community is based in the United States.